Sunday, April 10, 2011

all together now

the bomb, Dimitri

embroidery floss on white cotton

I'm the lone female in a testosterone dominated house.  My oldest loves to "wrestle" the baby and I find myself saying things like "be gentle", "no, no put him down" and "we don't stand on people; It's not nice" (I never imagined myself having to tell someone not to stand on top of another person and yet here we are. . . )  Now don't get me wrong, we have a lot of adorable moments too: hugs and kisses for brother, returning a dropped sippy cup.  Sunshine and roses.  But this is now hanging in our living room as a little reminder to the troops.  *Merkin Muffley for President 2012, Baby!*

Good, morning. . . I'm heeere

embroidery floss on white cotton

Nightmare inducing clay-mation aside, PeeWee's Big Adventure was and honestly still is one of my favorite movies.  Since I'll probably never have such a rad bike of my own (I do have a cute beach cruiser but the PeeWee bike is epic) I can at least have it in stitch form.  The Jay-Z pun I just threw in because, well that's what I was listening to when I started this.  Plus it makes the whole thing just that much weirder and that's always a bonus.


Felt applique and embroidery on organza

So this is the first piece I started but not the first I finished as I generally have at least three hoops going at once in addition to sewing the flannel monsters (check out my monster blog for pics and links to my online store  This should put any doubts about how truly nerdy I am to rest.  Dr. Who is one of my favorite shows (although I have NOT at this time accepted the departure of David Tennant and refuse to watch new episodes. . . maybe later. . . just not yet *tear*)  I was originally going to do this piece completely in embroidery floss but the satin stitching with different shades of blue was looking way too busy.  The felt turned out quite nicely, if I do say so myself.


black embroidery floss on purple organza

This was my first attempt at embroidering transparent fabric.  It's a bit of a challenge to work clean since you can see any loose or tied off threads that are out of place.  I love how it turned out and it now graces the wall above my sewing machine.  I'm amassing a gallery of fantastically nerdy embroidery hoops.  I've done a lot of pen and ink and acrylic pieces in the past but have fallen head over heels for needle work.  It's portable, easy to abandon and pick back up (a very desirable craft quality for a mom) and I find it extremely cathartic.