Saturday, May 21, 2011

Velma Von Tussle

felt applique and embroidery on Ultrasuede (6” hoop)

“Debbie Harry Exploding Hair”  This is what you should type into YouTube if you want to see the inspiration behind this hoop.  Do NOT type in “hairspray bomb”.  That’s something else.  So US government if you see any suspicious bomb related searches going on from my computer I assure you it was purely accidental.  I heard John Waters on NPR a few days ago and realized he was conspicuously absent from my hoop wall.  I decided to start at the PG end of the spectrum (I plan on doing a few more JW pieces).  I was also really wanting to do something that was a little bit interactive since embroidery is already so texturally interesting.  Or am I the only one who’s immediately drawn to touching embroidery?  I had to play around with the felt a little bit to get the flap right.  I ended up doubling it up because a single piece wasn’t strong enough (It kept getting all wonky and frayed)  That also solved the problem of the stitching on the back not looking so pretty.
Now I must wait for my flexi hoops to get here so I can start my next project!

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

What if we aren't parked on a hill?

10” hoop
embroidery floss on flannel
Here’s the latest addition to thehoop gallery. It’s my own artwork ( It was one of those late night inspirations that I had to get down on paper as I was falling asleep)  I had no idea it would take as long as it did.  I’d say I put a good three weeks into this one. There were a lot of details to fidget with and it was my first design that included people (always a bit tricky to get the proportions and details right)
 It was hard to get a good picture since without the flash the colors look washed out and with the flash there’s some funky glare going on.  I’ll take a picture in natural light as soon as we get some (we’re in the midst of some seriously stubborn rainy weather here).  I was just so excited to get it done that I had to post it ASAP!
… and now on to the next hoop!

Monday, May 9, 2011

Several Miles Above the Surface of an Alien Planet…

embroidery floss and felt applique on flannel

I thought this piece would be a quick one but it ended up taking about a week.  I had to redo the text on the thought bubbles a few times before I was happy.  It’s only the first in a series based on The Hitchhiker’s Guide books (my favorite-favorite books).  I’ve done several drawings and paintings based on The Guide as it is such an fab source.  So much amazingly imaginative imagery to play with!  Visual reference material is great but there’s nothing like a great work of fiction to get the creative juices flowing and keep the imagination and freehand drawing skills sharp