Saturday, August 6, 2011

A little side project

So I have one last Stitch Wars Strikes Back piece to post but I think I'll save that until the show opens.  Scratch that; I just realized that I have posted all of my SWSB pieces.  (Although I do have another Star Wars piece in progress but it's massive and will take a while to get done)  Not to worry though as I have been busy working on some other new projects.

embroidery floss on cotton, 7" hoop
I made this hoop for my niece's 1st birthday and just sent it off to her (only a month late but it took longer than I anticipated).  While I'm pretty darn comfortable drawing A person, drawing a REAL person is always a challenge.  Even the tiniest of changes to proportion or placement of features and at best you've drawn A person but not the person you intended.  This is especially true of babies and children since they can easily slip into the bizarre and often disturbing realm of babies with adult features.  Fortunately, this piece turned out just how I hoped it would and almost as gorgeous and my beautiful little niece.  I plan on doing more portraits but for the moment I've been side tracked by some teacups (more on that later).

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