Thursday, June 30, 2011

Union Pride

Here it is; my first fully completed piece for the Stitch Wars show!  I’m quite happy with how it turned out.  First off I have to say that I am a Star Wars fan but by no means a Star Wars expert.  I’ve known quite a few people who I would call experts in the field so I’ve seen the movies…a lot.  I really like the idea that there could be this whole everyday world going on in the background.  I dunno why but I find it infinitely entertaining to think about things like ”who forged that bikini?” or “who’s doing all that Jedi laundry?”  Also “is there some kind of passport system involved in interplanetary travel?  do I have to get shots? can I drink the water?”  and so on.  When I do this with other movies it’s generally to be snarky and poke holes in the plot but with Star Wars it’s genuine interest  I guess I just find the mundane details fascinating.  (and I know there’s a whole expanded universe beyond the movies so I’m not the only one)  So here’s an emblem for the unionized Jedi Order.  I sense an upcoming strike in the force… unless we get time and a half on Sundays and bank holidays

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