Monday, July 18, 2011

the second piece in my "emblems" series for the Stitch Wars Strikes Back show.  I actually started this piece before the Jedi Union one (here) but had to step away from it after finishing the first tauntaun (mirror images can be quite frustrating and there's usually at least some amount of pulling out stitches and adjusting lines).  Like I've said before, I love the everyday world of Star Wars.  The idea for this one came from "The Empire Strikes Back".  Echo Base was a pretty big endeavour; engineering, construction, tauntaun wrangling.  I mean they've been repaving the freeway here for at least five years now so multiply that by an entire galaxy's worth of planets and there'd have to be some kind of organization for all that labor.  And thus the idea of the taunatun teamsters was born.

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